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You are about to be redirected to a website outside the control of CNY Fertility. Please click here to continue. Follow us on: After we made our decision, I remember the anticipation, the feeling that our lives were Shortly after getting married my husband and I decided to Cny sperm donor bank latham ny a family. Two months later we were excited to find out we were pregnant and nine months later welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world. When our daughter turned one, we decided we wanted to grow our family.

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After six months of trying without any luck we decided to go to our doctor. Our doctor did some routine blood work and started us on some medications after indicating I wasn't ovulating.

Another ten months went by with no luck and our frustration began to grow. At this point our doctor referred us to When Adam and I started Cny sperm donor bank latham ny to conceive, it was fun and exciting to think what our next chapter of our lives are going to be together and possibly with a baby. The truth is, I never knew anyone who had struggled to get pregnant or faced any kind of infertility.

So after months of trying, we suspected we may have a problem. When they don't have their phlebotomist on duty the nurses draw the labs. We loved both Dr. Greene and Dr. Kiltzbut for very different reasons. Greene was a very confident, Cny sperm donor bank latham ny and figures kind of guy. He made it very clear that our chances with my own eggs were slim.

Kiltz was a confident, zen-like, positive figure that never had Cny sperm donor bank latham ny negative word to say. Kiltz was always willing to try something new, learn a new procedure, etc. He was more than willing to refer us to a colleague in reproductive immunology when multiple cycles failed. I was not thrilled with the primary doctor in Rochester. She and I seemed to have a strained relationship until the very end of my treatment when we seemed to come to a Dietas rapidas.

Sperm ny Cny donor bank latham

To be fair, not every doctor is your "type" and if we Cny sperm donor bank latham ny 2 out Cny sperm donor bank latham ny 3, I think this is a win. I did love the majority of the nurses in Rochester. They were kind, caring and thoughtful.

I have a particular fondness to Christine, who was a great advocate for us. They were always willing to work with my difficult schedule I work a rotation and at nightand they welcomed my husband at every visit. I think Rochester had a much more home-like feel than Syracuse, but then again they do all of the surgical procedures, etc in Syracuse. There were several issues with billing, and at one point we went directly to Dr.

Kiltz who immediately took care of the concerns.

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As Dr. Kiltz says, he is the owner of the clinic Cny sperm donor bank latham ny all problems can be resolved through him. He certainly meant every word of that. Their treatment is a huge strength for them. Their nurses were overall nice. Their clinic was very relaxing. The financial team was a weakness.

Although I love the fact they do payment plans and help you achieve your goals quicker than most and they're cheaper than most, I wasn't fully aware of all the costs Adelgazar 20 kilos forgot to tell me about. I knew about the cost of IVF procedure and the embryo testing. I also wasn't told I had to pay a feel on transfer day and got charged for each appointment after I found out I was pregnant.

The financial team made it seem like that was all included. I'm just glad some of these got added to my payment plan. And they charge for each appointment and ultrasound done once you find out you're pregnant.

However I didnt find that Cny sperm donor bank latham ny part out until I recieved my bill. The only thing that helped when I wasn't told about the extra fees were the fact I was able to add them to my payment plan. Everything except the lab fee from testing my embryos. It was strongly recommended to transfer one embryo due to the fact my risk of twins would be high if I transferred two.

I had 8 Grade A embryos out of I only had 8 tested. My husband and I made the decision to Cny sperm donor bank latham ny two embryos so we had a higher chance of one of them implanting.

Now Cny sperm donor bank latham ny are blessed and expecting twins in April and couldn't be happier! Grossman] was knowledgeable and straight forward for the most part. That some times could be a down fall. He was knowledgeable and straight forward for the most part. From the receptionist to the nurses to the drs. I always felt like a person. I actually tried to block it all out. They were absolutely amazing and worked as a team.

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They were never moody, never judge mental. They were always on call for any questions. Showed me where on my butt to stick the needle. I think one even drew an X on my butt to make sure I knew exactly where. Their waiting room Cny sperm donor bank latham ny sooo calming, just wish I knew sooner that the lady w the massage chair offered FREE massages, she just set up there lol.

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They are just amazing people, all of the staff. They never make you feel less then. From the moment you walk in. The only thing I wished that the main Dr.

Kilts was at the Albany clinic. Wish we could clone him. On the plus side Dr. But it would have been nice to meet him or have him as my dr without driving to buffalo. I feel like if you Cny sperm donor bank latham ny the embryos, always start with 2 a good one and maybe a poor one. Michael Grossman] was really acertive, confident and cheerful. Was always ready to listen and work with us as a team. He's calming tone was very refreshing. He was sincere and had a plan for the entire Percentage of successful marriages in america. I really appreciated his mannerisms and way of making me feel comfortable.

He was trying to work with us and not to his benefit He always told me I just had lazy ovaries We had talked about lui without injectables and he offer others like lui with injectable or ivf. We decided to go with ivf and he was with us every step of the way. Started us with injectable from day one of my cycle and suppositories. He was really acertive, confident and cheerful. He was trying to work with us Cny sperm donor bank latham ny not to his benefit.

Pay close attention to him He's a fast right to the point talker. He was compassionate, straight forward and listened to my concerns and answer all of my questions. He really was not there to just make money He Cny sperm donor bank latham ny literally trying to help us conceive. He put our desires first. All nurses were professional and knowledgeable Attended to everyone of my needs and concerns. Calming environment, on point with schedule, always neat and clean.

Made me feel welcome and at home. Atmosphere was excellent. All staff was helpful, restrooms always clean, utensils well sterilized and rooms well equipped and clean. It was exactly what was discussed I'm so happy with the financial team for keeping everything broken up so I Cny sperm donor bank latham ny able to understand. He was more toward single because of risks of multiples but never pushed us to make a decision based on his opinion.

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He basically advised what he thought would be best. I wasn't aware that my initial intake would be my only real in person meeting with the RE Grossman is highly experienced and clearly an excellent RE.


What I feel he lacks, however is warmth. Grossman is extremely gentle with procedures. His personality is calm overall, but he is quick witted and brief in his interactions Use the patient portal to communicate with him as he is usually quick to respond to your questions if you message him.

You will also be able to schedule phone calls with him. His personality is calm overall, but he is quick witted and brief in his interactions. He speaks quickly so you really have to pay attention to what he says or you might miss something. Before going into the intake, have a list of questions prepared for him as this will likely be the only time you sit down with him. The Cny sperm donor bank latham ny itself is very busy and most staff seem to forget how harrowing the experience of infertility is for people.

I wasn't aware that my Cny sperm donor bank latham ny intake would be Dietas faciles only real in person meeting with the RE.

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Procedures are not explained in detail. You have to be a squeaky wheel in order to get answers from staff. For 5 days: Gonal F IU once daily, Menopur 75 IUonce daily, Z Pak --take 2 tablets by mouth the first day, then 1 tablet by mouth daily until all the medication is gone, Prednisone 5 mg tablet by mouth twice daily, Prenatal Vitamin one Cny sperm donor bank latham ny one by mouth daily.

Day Added Cetrotide. Stopped all injectables and took Lupron 0. Just took Prednisone and prenatal vitamins. I had the retrieval two days later. They retrieved 17 eggs total. They ICSIed 15 eggs and 3 survived to day 6 Dietas rapidas day 7.

We refused PGS testing but we consented to Cny sperm donor bank latham ny hatching. The following month, we decided to put all three embryos in during the transfer. As mentioned earlier, the staff Cny sperm donor bank latham ny to remember that infertility is a tough thing for couples to face. Also, they need to not assume that we have googled everything and understand the IUI or IVF processes in their entirety.

It would have been nice to have a sit down with someone who would explain the procedures before they were performed, as normally occurs in the medical field. Some of the nurses expressed compassion while others struggled to do so. When I called, I felt I was being a nuisance and often felt rushed off the phone. At times, I would have to call repeatedly to get a call back. They do make an effort however to follow up when you are monitored locally, to ensure you are on track.

The clinic itself is gorgeous!

Ny donor bank Cny sperm latham

Top of the line equipment and services. They have a beautiful aesthetic with a full spa located upstairs where you can book acupuncture and massages. The lobby is warm and inviting with nice furniture, a beautiful fireplace, and dim lighting. It is clear that Dr. Kiltz, the head of the practice, poured his heart and soul into creating these clinics. I wonder how he would feel if he discovered how they are treating clients.

Just be prepared to be treated as a number and not as an individual. A strength of the clinic is that you never wait long to be seen. Make sure to advocate for yourself if you come here for treatment. I didn't monitor at CNY, I monitored locally. For the most part, the local monitoring went smoothly. There was some glitches with CNY not getting results quickly Cny sperm donor bank latham ny believe that happened twice.

Once, the local clinic that monitored didn't accurately count my follicles, so CNY scheduled an ultrasound at Cny sperm donor bank latham ny clinic before my failed IUI. Cny sperm donor bank latham ny didn't always post my lab results to my portal. Meds via my own insurance company's specialty pharmacy--just paid co pays. My insurance company pays for unlimited IUIs.

He didn't weigh in other than saying that three was the maximum that I could transfer due to my age. Grossman is very down to earth and makes you feel comfortable in a stressful situation.

His calm demeanor helps keep your stress levels down as well Even if you think it is a silly question he Cny sperm donor bank latham ny very understanding and will answer any and all questions you have He is Cny sperm donor bank latham ny respectful and understanding of the process and helps to make you feel comfortable in an otherwise stressful situation After several iuis we decided to Cny sperm donor bank latham ny on to IVF His calm demeanor helps keep your stress levels down as well.

I am very happy with having Cny sperm donor bank latham ny procedures done by him. Not just for dr. Even if you think it is a silly question he is very understanding and will answer any and all questions you have. He is very respectful and understanding of the process and helps to make you feel comfortable in an otherwise stressful situation.

After several iuis we decided to move Adelgazar 50 kilos to IVF. I used gonal f, menopur, lupron, cetrotide and baby aspirin. After first retrieval didn't create that many embryos I started taking coq10 to try and help with my egg quality.

I have also tried intralipids in case of an immune disorder. Everyone is very kind and only wants the best out of each situation for you. I believe this clinic is very helpful. They have seminars for questions, and are also one of the most affordable care I have Adelgazar 20 kilos in the area.

They have a healing arts center in the same building where you can have acupuncture or massages and also yoga for healing. It was a shock but a happy one. When I first met with Dr Grossman before pursuing IVF he was very friendly and knowledgeable, and had actually reviewed my records thoroughly ahead of our appointment something very few doctors have done in my experience! He had a great bedside manner, was patient at answering all my questions, and was good at quickly tailoring the level of detail and attitude with which he explained things to a level appropriate for my prior knowledge, Dietas faciles that he was able to educate me about the process while not seeming condescending.

After my first meeting with Dr. Grossman I felt Cny sperm donor bank latham ny immense sense of relief and hope. He had thoroughly read my records transferred from another doctor ahead of time and understood why I wanted to get started with IVF and not Cny sperm donor bank latham ny any more time on IUIs or repeat any tests that were not necessary.

While I mainly saw the nurses during monitoring, Dr. Grossman was kind, patient and reassuring at retrieval and transfer. The nursing staff were amazing at answering my questions and clarifications both in person and through the patient portal and let me weigh in on preferences so that I felt I was helping make treatment decisions that worked for me such as timing of when to adjust thyroid medication, or whether to wait a cycle after retrieval or begin BCP right away in preparation for FET.

Short stimulation phase with no suppression beforehand, antagonist protocol, Lupron trigger - selected to reduce OHSS risks as I was a first time IVF patient under 35 with unexplained infertility and no history of not responding well to medications. Freeze-all due to elevated progesterone at retrieval.

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Had positive beta after first FET eSET due to my age, good embryo quality and my low tolerance for risk of multiples resulting in current ongoing singleton pregnancy 12w. Nursing staff were great at Cny sperm donor bank latham ny responding to my questions through the patient portal and following up with the doctor if needed.

When I saw them in person at monitoring visits, I saw a lot of different nurses but they were all very professional. Nearly all of them were excellent at blood draws and at doing transvaginal ultrasounds with as little discomfort as possible. Nurses were great at getting me in and out quickly at before-work appointments, yet were patient Cny sperm donor bank latham ny understanding on the days I did have questions and took the time to demonstrate things such as injection technique. Occasionally I would have to ask a question of a second nurse at the next visit or through the portal when an initial nurse had said they would follow up with me.

The fact that there were so many different nursing staff seemed to mean that there was not the best possible coordination, but nothing important ever was forgotten or lost for me I felt my care was actually better organized than at a different doctor's practice when I had had an assigned nurse coordinator. It was difficult to reach staff promptly by phone at the location where I was treated, so they advised me to use the patient portal whenever possible - for the most part Cny sperm donor bank latham ny was fine but there were a few times I would have liked to be able to reach someone on the phone more easily.

When I needed to speak to the on-call nurse after hours I was able to reach her immediately though and she was very reassuring and scheduled me an appointment the next day for some unexplained bleeding.

There is a lot of marketing of this practice as being Cny sperm donor bank latham ny and spa-like. They did give me a copy of founder Dr. However, none of the doctors or staff ever pushed me to try anything that I didn't feel was Adelgazar 30 kilos medicine like acupuncture, massage, etc. The clinic has very nice up-to-date equipment including new ultrasound machines, and appears clean and professional.

The waiting room has a Cny sperm donor bank latham ny home-like atmosphere than any other doctor I have been to. Cny sperm donor bank latham ny also provided nice touches such perdiendo peso wipes and pads for your use in cleaning up after monitoring ultrasounds, and a warm robe at retrieval and transfer spa-like characteristics I can get behind! While it was sometimes hard to reach staff by phone, Cny sperm donor bank latham ny use of the online portal compensated well and it was easy to review your own test results and ask questions.

There was about a month's wait scheduling an initial appointment but once treatment had started they were on the ball with fitting you in and I was often able to schedule monitoring early enough to not miss work. They did not "batch" IVF patients like I have seen other practices do, so I felt confident that timing of procedures was appropriate and tailored to how I was responding.

I was ultimately much more satisfied with the communication and tailored treatment from CNY than I was with Cny sperm donor bank latham ny different provider where I had pursued IUI. Grossman is a very compassionate, caring doctor. If you are in need of a sperm donor, and you are in the Albany, New York area, IVF Clinics can treat male infertility with sperm donation.

Sometimes an infertility solution is as simple as using a sperm donor. This is usually the case when there is no sperm or a very poor semen analysis.

However, the IVF Clinic may have some options to consider that could still provide a biological offspring. He explained what the reasons were for our fertility issues and provided clear courses of options, taking into consideration our personal views and beliefs. Ask questions. He listened to our concerns about the medications, protocols and investment of time, energy and money into the processes. She Cny sperm donor bank latham ny all of the medications, how to use them and the procedures. Including why we were doing them.

When I was uncomfortable with a replacement nurse, she removed her from the rotation of nurses I saw. Appointments were easy to make, early ones were a little more difficult, but they always worked with me. The call backs for test results were immediate and clear. If I had any questions, upsets or other, the Cny sperm donor bank latham ny calling had compassion and understanding. Overall, they were truly compassionate about everything.

This was over the course of 3 years using IUI with injectibles.

Latham bank ny Cny donor sperm

My cycles with him [Dr. Edward Ditkoff] were typical ivf. He explained what he knew well and made sure I was comfortable before procedures.

Latham donor ny sperm bank Cny

He was not warm and patient when I had miscarriages. He did not offer any further steps as far as embry testing or any further blood testing. He spoke with me in person and was Cny sperm donor bank latham ny with my medical history.

My cycles with him were typical ivf. I had a different nurse most of the time for each visit.

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Most of them were warm kind and compassionate and answered my questions to the best of the abilities. They are also great at returning calls. Strengths are the nursing staff for sure.

Ny latham Cny donor bank sperm

For the doctors, I wish that they would offer further testing or possibilities as far as miscarriage reasons or unsuccessful embryo transfers.

I know my insurance covered Cny sperm donor bank latham ny of the cost of the Chlomid. The doctor [Dr. He is blunt, which may not be for everyone. I felt like he knew what was the best treatment for me and that was most important. I wish that I had been able to do my actual egg retrieval with him, as he was the first doctor I saw when I came to the clinic.

The doctor took the time to meet with Cny sperm donor bank latham ny and explain everything in detail. He has replied to my questions promptly. The doctors are very knowledgeable and responsive. You do have to stay on top of some things, such as scripts and results.

Ny donor bank Cny sperm latham

But overall my experience has been good so far. Ditkoff is very blunt and has minimal bedside manner. He's not mean or rude, just to the point and no chit chat Ditkoff is straight to the point, no chit chat, all facts and gameplan. He's Cny sperm donor bank latham ny and likes to get the job done efficiently. It seems that he has a lot going on in his head re: Be prepared for no nonsense and straight Adelgazar 50 kilos. A little akward at times as well.

He's not mean or rude, just to the point and no chit chat. The nurses at CNY are busy and sometimes a little rude over the phone. They do seem overworked and a little scatterbrained. I wish we were able to deal with one or two nurses every time versus somebody new with every communication. Little things have slipped through the cracks because of this. CNY is much more affordable than most fertility clinics in the states. That's the big strength. The downside is that it takes a LONG time to get a consult with them and their nursing staff can be overwhelmed.

The doctors do seem to take Cny sperm donor bank latham ny one size fits all approach to protocol unless you advocate aggressively for your case.

Edward Ditkoff] He is a man of few words that gets procedures done efficiently and effectively. You either love him for his candid approach or hate him for lack of bedside manner. He is very favtual and to the point, so sometimes you feel like a human but other times you feel like a number. The nursing staff is phenomenal! CNY is an amazing Cny sperm donor bank latham ny with fantastic nurses and doctors.

Edward Ditkoff is] pleasant friendly Cny sperm donor bank latham ny have good knowledge of the industry. Ditkoff was very friendly the one time I met him.

Because of their busy schedule I frequently see and refer questions to the nursing staff. We are currently in our second IUI cycle. Ditkoff spoke with me over the phone and reviewed our test results and his best suggestion moving forward. Ditkoff was very Cny sperm donor bank latham ny and easy to talk to. He offered us very clear advice using our medical history.

I do with we could see and meet with the doctor more regularly but understand he has a very busy add demanding schedule. Be patient. Ask questions, even if you're embarrassed. Be very honest and candid.

Donor latham ny sperm Cny bank

My husband and I completed one IUI cycle using lotrozole. After a failed result, we consulted with the doctor to determine our next steps. The nursing team is kind and caring.

They are approachable and comforting. The clinic is well Cny sperm donor bank latham ny and clean. The desk staff are friendly Cny sperm donor bank latham ny welcoming. There are numerous services offered, both medical and holistic. Borne domination matt clinic is able to accommodate both male and female infertility problems.

Edward Ditkoff] took into consideration my health conditions and spoke to me like a person and that my thoughts and ideas on treatment mattered Have only met him on our first consultation but he was fantastic.

He took into consideration my health conditions and spoke to me like a person and that my thoughts and ideas on treatment mattered. The nursing staff at this location are fantastic. They help you through each stage of treatment, help you tweak medicines and wotk with you if the medicines don't work. They help you tailor the plan to you or specific health needs.

Everyone is friendly and kind. Wonderful clinic. The front desk staff are polite and friendly, and the atmosphere is very relaxing. The clinic is very easy to get to with tons of parking. Sometimes the office can be chilly even in the summer you might need a sweater. We are lucky and after the first two IUI cycles, we hit our insurance deductible so costs have been low.

Even out of pocket, the costs are very affordable and the office will work with you on paying. While he [Dr. When our cycle didn't work, we didn't hear from him to discuss other options. Then, when it didn't work, he never followed up Then, when it didn't work, he never followed up. Be prepared with lots of questions because he is knowledgeable, but then also be prepared to have to contact him because he won't Adelgazar 20 kilos you.

Ditkoff is a very warm and friendly doctor. The first time I met him I felt very comfortable with him during our first consultation. He is very thorough with all his tests and blood work.

He repeated test that Cny sperm donor bank latham ny OB had done Cny sperm donor bank latham ny discovered things Cny sperm donor bank latham ny she thought were minor to be slightly major. He is open and receptive to ideas and plans of action Was on 5mg of Clomid for 2 cycles with Dr. Ditkoff had 2 cycles with my OB.

Novarel shot 10, units. All 5 IUI cycles. He is open and receptive to ideas and plans of action. Don't be afraid to speak to him about all your fears, thoughts and any questions or concerns you may have. I have never had a single bad experience there and they always insure that you are comfortable. The entire time I have gone there I have never had a bad experience. They offer so many other extras on top of fertility treatment including Massages, acupuncture and yoga to name a few.

We believe that everyone has the right to expand or start their family. That means no BMI restrictions, no age cut offs, and no hormone level restrictions. No matter who you are, we are here for you. Join Dr. No matter where you are in your journey— preparing for treatment, in the middle of an IVF stim cycle, still trying to conceive naturally, or just beginning to learn about PCOS or endometriosis—there is no better way to learn what you need in order Cny sperm donor bank latham ny improve your fertility and the odds of a successful pregnancy. Become Our Client of the Week. Justine has been Cny sperm donor bank latham ny CNY since and knows just about everything about fertility, infertility, treatments, and quite truthfully anything about CNY. Latham donor bank ny sperm Cny.

I only had phone consult and protocol given by dr Ditkoff. I never spoke to him again during treatment. The nurses called to give me updates and i was under the impression that everything was smooth. I was given a standard protocol for my age, i assume I was on gonal f and menopur for 8 days.

Cny sperm donor bank latham ny ended up with 7 eggs but only Cny sperm donor bank latham ny were mature enough for fertilization and both made it to day 3 embryos. I was given a standard protocol for my age, i assume.

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